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Multi-Sample Needle MF60211
  • Products Name:

    Multi-Sample Needle MF60211

  • Categories:Lab Disposable>Hemanalysis
Product Description

Multi-Sample Needle

The uniquely faceting simplifies,penetration of tissue.

In comparsion with other common needles,painful trauma is considerably reduces.

The specially sharpende point results in minimal,tissue damage and thromboplastin seepage.

MF6021100   21G  1"          Green

MF6021125   21G   1.1/4"   Green

MF6021150    21G  1.1/2"    Green

MF6022100    22G  1"          Black

MF6022125    22G  1.1/4"    Black

MF6022150    22G  1.1/2"    Black

MF6023100    23G  1"          Blue

MF6023125    23G  1.1/4"    Blue

MF6023150    23G  1.1/2"    Blue

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