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Anti-decubitus Mattress FYU1503
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    Anti-decubitus Mattress FYU1503

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Product Description

Anti-decubitus Mattress

Main frame  control:

1.when the power suppply is connected,press and switch on, the main frame begins to puff and add

pressure to the air cushion.

2.Strong-weak switch:turn clockwise means strong and turn counter-clockwise means weak.

3.Puff vessel:the pump of the mainframe can puff and deflate the two ballonets

by turns through the two vessels.


1.Tile air cushion on the bed,then connect the two air charing vessels on the air cushion

with the vessels on the mainframe.

2.Switch on the power and turn on the power,then the mainframe begins to work.

3.When you use it for the first time, please switch the puff intensity clockwise to the

position of "strong".

4.At night or when the patient feels the air pressure changes stronly,please switch

the puff intensity unter-clockwise to the position of "weak".


1.In case of lacerate the air cushion,please don't touch it with andy edge tool.

2.Don't clean it with petrol or alcohol.please gently wash with soap or wash-powder.

(for easier cleaning,please tile a piece of thin cloth on the aie cushion).

3.Better tile the air cushion on hard wooden bed.

4.When you install or use it,please check if the tube bends and keep the gas free.

5.When you use it for the first time,please puff about 15-20minutes before using.

6.If ther is an air leak in the air cushion,to the spherical bag,it can be repaired with

the glue and cloth. The method is:clean the part that leaking,put some glues

on it  and wait a moment,then affix th cloth on the part.When it is dry and fast,it

can be charged with air.

To the long and narrow bag,you can change the parts by yourself.

Way of storage:

1.Store the air cushion in a breezy room in which the relative temperature is

not more than 80%,andwithout direct sunlingt or corrosive gas.

Main Technial Measures


AC  120V10%

Charged Peressure






Consumed Power


Working way


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